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MEIA was born in Curitiba, south of Brazil in 1987. A son from a family that was heavily influenced by art and travel, Meia grew up with the desire for a nomadic life with a creative twist.

As a teen graffiti and BMX were his only two creative Outlets. Always looking to find a way to leave his hometown, his father gave him an opportunity to fulfill a piece of his dream to travel around Brazil as a photographer. By 19 years old he decided to study a Newfound passion, cooking gourmet dishes.

After graduating culinary school his Professor threw him immediately into the fine cuisine business as a professional cook. Four years later, he has already worked in respectable Michelin awarded restaurants. It was time for a new challenge with a combination of another nomadic Adventure. He decided to work in a fine restaurant in Portugal. When a year passed, he was offered a deal to be sous chef in one of the best fine restaurants in Curitiba.

It was during his first year back in Brazil that everything he knew would change. Meia had completed six years of dedication to fine cuisine and was looking towards a different direction to get to where he truly wanted to be in his life. At the time his brother, a tattoo artist, was working in a tattoo shop. For which meia convinced him to take him in as an investor so he can open up their own tattoo shop. The investor would soon become an artist himself.

With the support of his mother, who also paints fine art, Meia immersed himself deeply into studying all types of medias in art. He began teaching himself all the techniques he wanted to acquire for the style of his taste. The hours he wasn’t dedicating to cooking, he dedicated in drawing, water coloring, and painting (oil, acrylic). It all eventually resulted to him finally picking up a tattoo machine and practicing. Just as he was self-taught with all his works, tattooing was going to be no different. He practiced the unconventional way for a year and later started working in the same tattoo shop he invested in as another tattoo artist working alongside his brother. After abandoning his cooking profession and going private as a tattoo artist for a year, he decided to make yet another nomadic adventure with a much bigger challenge. Meia decided to move to New York City as an artist in both fine art and tattooing.

In 2013, he began his first experience as an artist at a private Tattoo Studio in Chelsea Manhattan. He used his personal style in Black works for one year to various clients and celebrities. By 2014, he moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to work in street shop Black Square Tattoo. During that year he specialized only in Blackworks and won his first online art competition. After more than a year later, with the help of a friend, he achieved the chance to open his very own private art /tattoo studio with his wife in Brooklyn.